Monday, March 7, 2011

We are Engaged!!!

So Jennifer asked me to start this blog so that people could find out about our engagement, wedding, etc. My initial reaction was to imply that blogging was a woman's job, and maybe she would be better suited for this type of thing, but since Jennifer is taking 18 credits and doing all sorts of wedding planning I guess I can run our blog, with the implied condition that I get to do all sorts of manly things without restraint (i.e. watch ALL of the NCAA tournament) I'm sure she'll agree to these conditions when she reads this post... right? ... anyways... here goes...

I guess I should share a little about our relationship to begin with, and then I will make a second post dealing specifically with the proposal... Jennifer and I had met twice before we started hanging out at BYU-Idaho. Once when she was 11 and again at my younger brother, Brady's, wedding when she was 17. I was 24 at the time.
 (All egotism aside on that second event, just thought I'd mention we recently found an entry in Jennifer's journal talking about how handsome I looked at the time...)
For Jennifer's first two years at school, our friendship was rather platonic. I set her up on dates with my friends, while she pretended to try to set me up with her friends who somehow never materialized...

Below is a picture of our trip to California together, where we totally wasted Brady's all-time high score on the Buzz-Lightyear ride:

Our friendship continued to develop, and we started getting pretty close. In fact we were so close that people often mistakenly thought we might be dating, even though that possibility was far from our minds at the time. People continued thinking we were dating, adding much awkwardness to our previously platonic relationship. All this changed the day Jennifer decided to kiss me...

Well, that's another story. Suffice it to say the dynamic of our relationship changed from that point on. Here is another, more recent picture of us at the valentines dance:

And another at the Rexburg Temple:

Looking back, I'm so glad we developed such a strong friendship before we considered dating. Everyone always says you should marry your best friend, I guess I just never believed my best friend could be as beautiful, smart, funny, and caring as Jennifer. She also is great at keeping me in check... which I'm sure she will try to do in relation to this blog... but hey she's got me doing woman's work so I guess she can't complain right?!?!